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„Kornél Fekete-Kovács has composed a wonderful suite that exposes the single voice of the BJO from many different views and angles. His composition, true in all aspects to the traditions stemming from the work of the masters of big band composition, is also challenging; grounded in the present and pointing to the future.“

Butch Lacy


After I had been writing several compositions for the Black Smith Workshop, and made some arrangements for big band, that was my first possibility in my life, where I can try both together (composing and arranging) at the same time, and all in a large composition. The Budapest Jazz Suite was written especially for the request of the Budapest Jazz Orchestra. My aim with the piece was in two different way, first of them dramaturgically to write my experiments and influences from the city, and second in the form of the piece to show the musicians in the band, and to introduce the orchestra too. One more thing witch contains relationship between the piece, and Budapest: the form. The composition has eight movement, and each movement has a bridge… as Budapest has…

Budapest Jazz Orchestra BUDAPEST JAZZ SUITE (2001)

Cikkszám: 671253175371
2 000 FtÁr
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