„There is an epic quality to the writing which I tried to maintain in my performance that for me alludes to higher realms of eternity and immortality. The story of the Human Circle is full of high drama, framed with eternal hope and love of humanity. Words inevitably fail at these times, but the music speaks for itself.“

Dave Liebman

In may 2001 the Hungarian Radio commissioned me to write a piece about 40 minutes long for the Budapest concert on May 19th 2002 of the EBU Big band. For months on end I struggled to find inspiration for the basic theme of the piece. It was already January of 2002 when one day I happened to find what I had been looking for. My wife’s grandfather, who spent the last five years of his life living with us, had past away at the bigining of January, at the age of 94. On that same day, at the same time it unexpectedly became clear that my wife was carrying our fourth child… Of course, this coincidence might lead one to jump to conclusions. Although I don’t think it’s that simple, it did get me thinking, and inspired me to write Human Circle – The Wayfarer.

The Wayfarer: a vision, a story that, perhaps, happens to all of us…

Budapest Jazz Orchestra feat David Liebman HUMAN CIRCLE/THE WAYFARER (2003)

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