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From my childhood Christmas was very important for me. My Parents, and Grand’s made this few days a year very special, and into the center of this, thay have been put always us, the children, it was realy about us. When people are in adult age, unfortunately thay are thinking about those three days differently, we for got what is it about… From year to year, I had the feeling stronger and stronger, let’s put away the emotions which coming from the „Jingle bells“ and others, and let me tell what does it means Christmas for me – in music off-course. I’ve started to write the piece in the october of 2005, and as I did it in my previews pieces, I asked my friend György Hegyi to help me in some drama cases. Soon I had the idea: what if the contain of the piece to be realized in a stronger form than music, what if it will be a verbal and musical piece? Than it was so natural to work together with György, and from that point the composition has been groow up text and music at the same time, as it is the most ideal for a piece like this. The first performance from the Christmas Log was on 28th of December, 2005, and at the same time that was the first concert of the Modern Art Orchestra.


With the writing of this piece we hadn‘t any else aim, as to write something, that fills us good feelings, and something that can help us to focus the right way of thinking about Christmas.


The four movements piece shows the four part of Christmas. 1. Advent, 2. 24th of December, 3. 25th of December, and last 26th of December.

Modern Art Orchestra KARÁCSONYI NAPLÓ (2006)

Cikkszám: 284215376135191
3 500 FtÁr
  • Compact disc 

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